Agency on Aging

Art of Aging 2018

The 2018 Art of Aging exhibition included 379 works by 153 artists from over 40 towns. 
Click here for  pictures from the exhibition.


Best in Show
B by Dennis Gentle is worthy of intimate observation.  The composition is strong. The lone dominate vertical of the mast and the smaller verticals of the people provide counterpoints to the horizontals of the land and sea. The precise details are deftly rendered and balance the looseness of washes, mostly in close values.  A wonderful painting reflecting traditions of both Eastern and Western art. 
Laurel B. Friedmann, Juror

Best in Photography
Reflections by Susan Stackpole captures the abstraction of nature’s realism. The artist uses gradations of values to carry the viewer through the distance from foreground to background.  The strong values of the vertical poles and their reflections intersect with the soft values of the distant island and the middle ground of the house.  Great balance of positive and negative shapes. 
Laurel B. Friedmann, Juror