Agency on Aging


From Senator Joseph J. Crisco, Jr.

I am writing to thank for the time and energy you devoted to ensuring the success of the 2016 Senior Fair. I cannot overstate the importance of your contribution... Read more

Thank you - I'm back in the community

My brother, Michael and I have been working with Nicole as she patiently guided us through the program so that Michael could finally live back in the Community.  In Michael’s words:  “My name is Michael and I have been in the Money Follows The Person Program for several months.  Now, fortunately, my journey is nearing an end as I will be returning to the community shortly.  I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with several individuals associated with the program, all of which have been extremely pleasant and helpful but there is one individual who deserves special acknowledgement for her outstanding attention to all of my questions and needs not only those that were her responsibility but those of her colleagues when they were not available all of the while never missing a beat.  Nicole’s special willingness to make herself available along with her quick response to the many questions that I have had certainly made the whole process much smoother.”

I also could have not done this without Nicole. Nicole has been patient, supportive and a true friend to me throughout the process.  Despite all the bumps in the road along the way, Nicole never gave up. She acted with kindness and patience and it was clear how much she cared. Nicole is truly a rare person.  Thank you for having the insight to place Nicole in this role, she has given my brother, Michael a gift he will never forget.  Nor will I. 

Heartfelt Appreciation

I’d like to take this opportunity to compliment one of your excellent employees, Anne. She went to great lengths to help me access services for my Dad at a very difficult time. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how terrific she is, you certainly hear this all the time.   Nevertheless, she knew just how to resolve a tremendously complicated dilemma quickly, with grace and kindness.  Although, I too work at a sister Agency on Aging, when the tables are turned and you find yourself in a situation requiring savvy planning for a loved one, mindfulness is not always in the forefront.  Such compassion, dedication and professionalism fosters great working relationships.

Your staff made all that happen

I don't know where to begin to say thank you for all the help Janet did to get the SNAP program for mom. My mom was able to purchase foods she wasn't able to afford in the past. It gave her a great feeling to know she can afford to to go grocery shopping. Janet made the process easy by guiding us through the paperwork... she is so caring.

Thank You to an ADRC Information Counselor

Ms. Josephy wanted to stay in her own home and, despite worsening arthritis, is quite capable of doing so – except for one problem – the stairs.  For two years she unsuccessfully tried to find funds to pay for a chair lift, then she called AASCC.  She spoke to an information counselor, who she calls a “bright positive star in my life.”   Read her letter ›

Thank You from the State Department on Aging to AASCC staff member

I want to express my appreciation and acknowledge the terrific job you did... your desire and ability to communicate effectively with SMP volunteers on a face-to-face and long-distance basis is an asset. Thank you for providing an excellent example of commitment and attention to the SMP volunteer program.
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The Connecticut Home Care Program is making a difference helping older adults maintain their independence living safely at home.

I just wanted to tell you that if more people were like my care manager, then people like me wouldn't always be so miserable. I think she goes above and beyond the call. I really appreciate you sending her to me.
- PM

I just wanted to let you know how grateful my family is for the services provided by the department as a whole and particularly by my father's care manager. She went above and beyond the call to provide services to my father. Her willingness to list, understand our concerns and then act upon these to provide us a very timely and appropriate services was exemplary.
- YK

I wanted to let you know what a nice experience I had working with my care manager. She was always, kind, considerate and caring and never made me feel like I was bothering her. I wish there were more workers like her who genuinely care for their clients and their families.
- DA

My sister and I appreciate your help in filing the necessary paperwork to receive home care services for our mother. I was somewhat apprehensive of the process, but the care managers were both very pleasant and made me feel less anxious.