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Interagency Council on Aging of South Central Connecticut

Interagency Council Meeting - December 19th at 12 noon

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Seniors & Loneliness: How Loneliness Affects the Brain
Dr. Jack Gesino, UCONN School of Social Work

Dr. Jack Gesino is the chair of the elders and family specialization. He has worked with elders and their families for over 40 years and continues to assist clients. He teaches courses in gerontology, family treatment, sexuality, clinical supervision, health and elder policy, and clinical practice. Dr. Gesino has been designated an “Expert Trainer” in geriatrics by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and has received numerous grants from The Hartford Foundation and CSWE GeroEd Center, for curriculum development and training social workers in working with elders and families and in person-center/participant-directed care. He has received extensive training in neuroscience and clinical practice, biofeedback, and Positive psychology and is a practitioner and trainer in Positive psychology. 

Dr. Gesino continues to provide numerous training and educational programs for clinical practitioners and the lay public. These programs include Helping Caregivers Thrive, Rewiring the Brains of Elders and The Use of Happiness Activities. He serves as a clinical consultant to a number of aging institutions and provides clinical supervision to L.C.S.Ws and those seeking their L.C.S.W.


About the Council

The Interagency Council on Aging of South Central Connecticut, convened by AoASCC, is a consortium of representatives from non-profit, for-profit and government agencies in the south central region that serve older adults and caregivers.  The mission of the Council is to bring together these providers for educational and networking opportunities. Each month the Council hears from a speaker on a current topic, followed by a time of sharing ideas across agencies.   

This year the Interagency presentations will focus on Mental Health in Older Adults.  Dues are $50 per organization - waived for non-profits and municipalities.  Check out this year's topics by clicking to the subpage listed on the left.

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A subgroup of the council, the Multi-Disciplinary Team (M-Team), meets to assist and educate care managers and service providers in addressing elder abuse, neglect or exploitation.

The M-Team is an opportunity for frontline staff to participate in case presentations about challenging cases, particularly cases with issues of elder abuse, neglect, exploitation, hoarding, abandonment….all the difficult cases with few options.  M-Teams utilize case presentation, best practice, and brainstorming in a non-judgmental environment to support one another and occasionally identify an option that hasn’t already been explored.

Mark Your Calendar

September 19 - M-Team
October 17 - Interagency Council
Nov 21 - M-Team
December 19 - Interagency Council
January 16 - M-Team
February 20 - Interagency Council
March 19 - M-Team
April 16 - Interagency Council
May 21- M-Team
June 18 - Annual Meeting

*M-Team is held from 9:30-10:30 a.m.  Interagency meets at 12 noon and includes lunch.  All meetings except for the Annual Meeting are held at AOASCC, 117 Washington Ave in North Haven.



Chair: Janet Day, Caregiver Homes
Vice-Chair:  Leslie Pruitt, Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut 
Secretary:  Sharelle Thornton, Artis Senior Living
Treasurer: Beverly Kidder, Agency on Aging of South Central Connecticut
Nominating Committee Chair - Sharad Saxena, Home Helpers



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