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Training Opportunities for Caregivers

Caregiver Training

Have you taken any training to become a family caregiver?  Not many people have. We tend to fall into the role of caregiver by necessity, by accident, by availability.  Not usually by choice and planning. As a result, we often find ourselves over our heads trying to do everything that needs to be done.  So often, the result is that we get the important things done but we pay the price of being overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed out. 

It’s never a good idea to establish routines that are more stressful than you can tolerate. The end result isn’t good.  So, does that mean you shouldn’t be a caregiver because it’s hard and stressful at times?  The simple answer is “No.” We need family members to continue as caregivers, even though it is hard and sometimes stressful.  However, we know that it can be less stressful if we do a few things: 1. learn all we can about the health issues of the person we care for; 2. learn strategies about how to deal with complex problems most effectively; 3. learn how to take care of ourselves in the process.

How does a caregiver become trained?  There are many things you can do. 

Each year the AOASCC hosts the Fearless Caregiver Conference. This day of learning, celebrating, and sharing has helped thousands of caregivers feel better prepared to fill their caregiver roles and demand their caregiver rights.  The conference is free to caregivers and provides an opportunity to meet other caregivers and learn from experts. This year’s conference will be November 9.  If you are interested in attending call the AOASCC at 203-785-8533, option 4.

Another training opportunity offered at no cost to the caregiver is Powerful Tools for Caregivers.  This 6 week training program covers a wide range of caregiver topics and resources.  Powerful Tools is an evidenced based program proven to help caregivers manage their caregiver responsibilities without becoming stressed in the process. Powerful Tools for Caregivers is offered multiple times throughout the year both in-person and online. Sign-up to be notified when the next class is scheduled or call Patricia Soos at AOASCC for information, 203 785 8533, option 4.

There are several online resources to help caregivers become better prepared to be effective caregivers.  Weekly newsletters and blogs provide opportunities to hear from fellow caregivers and topic experts who are all dealing with the same issues and have expertise to help you as a caregiver.  Check out   Today's Caregiver -