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Keeping physically active not only strengthens bones and muscles, but also improves mental health and increases your chance of living longer. As you age, staying active also improves your ability to maintain an independent lifestyle. .

Live Well Six-Week Workshop Series

Live Well Six-Week Workshop Series is a nationally recognized program that educates consumers with ongoing health conditions like diabetes, depression, heart disease, arthritis, pain and anxiety or those caring for someone with an ongoing health condition about living with their illnesses. People who participate report feeling better and are better able to manage their diseases. Live Well Workshops consist of Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop (CDSMP), Diabetes Self-Management Workshop (DSMP) and Tomando (CDSMP in Spanish).


For more information about Live Well upcoming workshops being offered call 203-785-8533 or visit the statewide website for leader trainings and upcoming workshops: 

Other Resources

National Institute on Aging

  • Research has shown that the benefits of exercise go beyond just physical wellbeing. Exercise helps support emotional and mental health. So next time you’re feeling down, anxious, or stressed, try to get up and start moving!  Tip Sheet
  • Visit their Website - Exercise for everyone, including balance exercises for fall prevention