Agency on Aging

Strategic Plan


A strategic plan is a document that outlines what values are guiding the organization and based on these values what actions will be taken.  

AOASCC'S Guiding Principles

Care – We support one another in ensuring that each older adult has the experience of care that inspires lifelong dignity and independence.
Passionate expertise – We are energized by learning and by bringing our knowledge to each situation and decision.
Quality service – We strive for excellence in the service we provide to our clients and one another, and we seek to improve in some way each day.
Inclusion and collaboration – We commit to honor differences as we build partnerships and community.
Stewardship – We recognize the significance of our work and the resources entrusted to us and hold them in the greatest trust.
Leadership – We will lead the way as experts and advocates in aging services.

AOASCC'S Goal Areas 

1. Program development 
We will have programs that meet the changing needs of our populations and/or enhance the sustainability of the agency.
2. Human resources
We will have an inspired, fulfilled, engaged, and accountable workforce able to meet our goals.
3. Diversity, equity, inclusion
We will have a culture and practices that foster inclusive, equitable relationships among our staff, volunteers, clients, board, and other stakeholders.
4. Revenue generation
We will ensure a diverse stream of funding that supports the achievement of our goals.
5. Visibility and advocacy
We will be known throughout the region as a leading expert and resource in all matters of aging.
6. Data and technology 
We will have technology and data that allow us to continually improve our operations and enhance our staff, client, and volunteer experience.
7. Board engagement
We will have a broadly skilled, engaged, visible, and effective board.

The Strategic Plan in Action

Check out our annual report to see how these principles are lived out every day in our work in the community.