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Assistance with Health Insurance

What does Medicare cover? Which prescription benefit plan is right for my loved one? Can they receive help for their premiums and out-of-pocket expenses through Medicaid? Sorting through all the information about health insurance benefits can be overwhelming. We can help.

Health insurance information

CHOICES is an information and counseling program that provides accurate, impartial information about health insurance options.  CHOICES team members are trained and certified by the State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) to answer questions about Medicare and assist Medicare recipients with enrollment in Medicare B, C, and D and provide guidance resolving claims disputes.  You can reach CHOICES by calling  800-994-9422.

Looking to Save on Medicare Costs? Download the brochure.

Current Medicare Supplemental Rates  ("MediGap" Plans)

Find out more about SHIP and how a SHIP certified counselors can help you.