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As we age, our metabolism will slow down, which means we need fewer calories than earlier in life. At the same time, however, nutrient needs will stay the same or even increase.   Eating healthy is even more important than ever before!  

My Plate

Choose a variety of foods and beverages from each food group to build healthy eating styles. Include choices from all the MyPlate food groups to meet your calorie and nutrient needs when planning or preparing meals and snacks.  Read more.


Healthy Eating As We Age

Our daily eating habits change as our bodies get older. Make small adjustments to help you enjoy the foods and beverages you eat and drink.


Learn More!

American Heart Association - Simple Cooking and Recipes
National Council on Aging - Tips on how to find the best foods for your body and your budget
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SNAP4CT - Your source for healthy, budget-friendly recipes, farmers markets, & tips for healthier living

Healthy Eating Tips

Farmers Markets

Senior Cafes

One of the 10 healthy eating tips is to make eating a social event.  Meals are more enjoyable when you eat with others.  Check out a senior cafe near you!


Home-Delivered Meals are available to those who are 60 and older, homebound and are unable to prepare or obtain nourishing meals. To find out more and to apply contact:

  • LifeBridge Community Services (New Haven Area Residents), 203-752-9919 
  • TEAM, Inc. (Valley Residents), 203-538-5886 ext. 4225 

Stretching the Grocery Budget

Connecticut has one of the highest costs of living.  Find out how to stretch your budget through SNAP and CSFP Food Boxes.