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It's Medicare Annual Open Enrollment

CHOICES - How to Save Money on Medications
The average person with Medicare spends over $600 on prescriptions each year. If you have multiple chronic conditions, chances are you’re paying even more. Sometimes you can save money on medications by shopping around for different Medicare coverage.  October 15 to December 7 each year is the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, which allows people with Medicare to join, switch, or leave Medicare Advantage and Part D prescription drug plans.
You can learn more about each of the plans available in Connecticut by visiting the official Medicare website and using the Medicare Plan Finder to review the options. Sadly, during open enrollment it is very important to remember that there are con men and scam artists who will use the opportunity of open-enrollment to sell you things that may not be right for you. It is essential to use the official web-based tools Medicare provides to ensure you are receiving accurate, impartial information.
If you find that after reviewing the information of the Medicare Plan Finder you still have questions, you can call a CHOICES counselor for assistance. CHOICES is the state health insurance program where certified counselors are available to provide accurate, impartial information about Medicare. You can reach a counselor at 800-994-9422. Remember, open-enrollment requires action by the 672,000 people on Medicare in CT. Do your research early in the enrollment period so you’ll be able to reach a counselor if you need one