Agency on Aging

A Tree of Thankfulness and Gratitude


Earlier this year we were pleasantly surprised by three Senior Companion Volunteers from our VAT Department. Felix Galarza, Maria Green and Judith Hernandez serve as volunteers at the Casa Otonal Senior Housing in New Haven. They were really looking forward to making a statement at our agency and displayed their talent in a form of a beautiful tree.


Felix Galarza says he is grateful for the 11 years he has been a part of our Senior Companion Program and wanted to express that through his help in putting up the tree. Maria Green at age 91 has continuously servd others for many years and wanted to share her thankfulness as well. Maria spent months of cutting and shaping just to make sure everything was perfect for our office. Finally, Judith Hernandez is the Arts and Crafts Facilitator at Casa Linda Housing which is a part of Casa Otonal. She loves showing her skills and her passion in teaching seniors all kinds of things. She says, “I might not have much to give but at least I am able to share some creative ideas to motivate our seniors”.



Once again let us be thankful especially at a time like this for those who are with us and the little things in life.