Agency on Aging

The Affordable Care Act at Work

We were granted an assister contract to assist people with enrollment in Access Health.  A man came to enroll and the assistor noticed that the man's face was badly swollen.  She inquired about the swelling and he told her he had a bad molar that required extraction but he was unable to get it pulled at the dental clinic until he paid $365, which he could not afford since his only income was unemployment. 

The assistor screened him for benefits beyond Access Health.  She spoke with Hill Health Center Dental clinic and learned they’d waive the $365, if he was active on the Husky program.  She reached our CHOICES contact at DSS and described the man’s pain. Her contact took the information and expedited the Husky application and also granted him SNAP benefits.  Hill Health took him in immediately to extract the molar.  After the extraction, he returned to AASCC, picked up his SNAP ID and received a referral to the senior employment program for help getting a job.  Needless to say, the man was very appreciative.