Agency on Aging

The Edith G. Prague Compassionate Caregiver Award For Innovative Dementia Caregiving

Edith Prague has been a longtime advocate for the elderly, serving in two separate appointments as the Commissioner of the State Department on Aging, and serving in the legislature for 26 years.  Prior to her retirement, she served as Co-Chair of the Alzheimer’s Task Force, leading a groundbreaking initiative to examine and address the challenges faced by families caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, as well as to strengthen the supports and services available to caregivers: the unspoken heroes.

This award was designed to acknowledge the selfless sacrifices that caregivers make every day to provide the best care possible.  Providing care to an individual with dementia is a challenging task, making each day unpredictable and often exhausting.  Recognizing the uniqueness of this disease progression, this award seeks to highlight unique approaches that only a creative caregiver could design, through personal experience and perseverance.

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