Agency on Aging

'The Gift of Caregiving' Receives Outstanding Book Award awards the Today’s Caregiver Friendly™ Award to recognize outstanding books, media, products, services and long-term care facilities, which have been designed with the best interest of the caregiver and their loved one in mind.

Three books were recognized this year, including The Gift of Caregiver by Dr. Beverly Kidder, AOASCC's Aging and Disability Resource Center.  Kudos Bev!

The Gift of Caregiving is a story about the discovery of the benefits of caregiving for the caregiver and a memoir about the care recipient's life as a caregiver throughout her lifetime. Through the story one can see the impact that caregiving has on the life of the caregiver, both positive and negative. Ultimately, the author demonstrates how the opportunity to be a caregiver is truly a gift from care-recipient to caregiver.  Available on