Agency on Aging

Volunteers Going Above & Beyond

In October about 100 families came to Connecticut after the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria.  They relocated to temporary homes, hotels and other places throughout the New Haven area. Pastor Rev. Hector Otero decided to help ease their transition by working with the community to supply their needs. Many agencies, churches, community workers and others united to meet the challenge

AOASCC employee Judith Neron is a Community Leader at Manantial de Vida church and brought the need to her supervisor.  With his support, she and coworker Chris Clark brought this mission of love to the attention of the volunteers in the Senior Companion and Foster Grandparent Programs. These volunteers regularly serve up to 35 hours a week, but they stepped up and gave their time to purchase new toys to donate. They were motivated by the same love and caring acts which they practice daily in their work with fragile elderly and children with special needs.  In these pictures you can see their enthusiasm and the joy they felt in participating. One of them said, “ I didn’t give much but I gave it from my heart”. This is what giving is all about.


I thank all these Senior Volunteers for inspiring us every day that Age is just a number not a limitation.
- Judy