Agency on Aging

What does the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services Do?

The Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) is a vocational rehabilitation agency that assists adults with significant physical or mental disabilities in preparing for, finding, and maintaining employment.

Carol appreciates the help she received from BRS and she shared her story with us.  She has a hearing impairment that makes both oral and phone communication hard for her.  With hearing aids costing over $4,000, the cost was prohibitive and not covered by her insurance.  BRS was able to get the hearing aids for half the cost, and, based on her eligibility, Carol only had to contribute a small amount.  Carol is active in her community, and now she can be even more effective in what she does. 

BRS can be reached by calling 800-537-2549 or visit their website. BRS will provide services which you need in order to reach your vocational goal. Because your Employment Plan is tailored to meet your unique needs, these services vary from one person to another. The services BRS may provide include:

* vocational counseling
* job search assistance
* skill training and career education in vocational and other schools
* on-the-job training in business and industry
* assistive technology services such as adaptive equipment for mobility, communication and specific work activities
* vehicle and home modifications
* supported employment services
* services to assist in restoring or improving a physical or mental condition
* services to help you access other services you need in order to meet the goals of your Employment Plan, such as transportation assistance