Agency on Aging

Yale is Seeking Married Couples over the Age of 60

Yale School of Public Health Study

Description: We would like to learn about how married couples over the age of 60 support one another with their health concerns and daily stress.

Volunteers: Married couples in which both partners are over the age of 60. Neither partner takes a beta blocker (e.g. a medication that affects heart rate, like atenolol).

Procedures (everything is confidential):
o   Schedule a session that takes an hour and ½ at the Social Gerontology Lab (suite 801 at the 55 Church Street Building in New Haven).  There is free parking just outside the building. Times are very flexible.
o   Send a packet of background questionnaires to the couple’s home address with information about how to get to the session.
o   The session:  This involves the couple having some discussions about how they first met and their health concerns and stress. They will be videotaped and they will have their blood pressure and heart rate monitored.

$80 for the couple.

Approved by Yale Human Subjects Committee
Funded by the National Institute on Aging.
There are no medications, needles or other invasive procedures.