Agency on Aging

Stop Ageism Now


I'm 70, I'm working and I'm a taxpayer!

Beverly Kidder, New Haven, CT

I will try to recruit more older workers

Brian Brackett, Guilford, CT

I will lobby our state reps for more inclusive transportation options

Julia Parkley, Shelton, CT

I've been inspired to be more consciencious of my thoughts and comments regarding older people. I didn't realize that saying "what a cute old lady" is very demeaning, but now I get it. My goal is to be part of that "old" crowd for many years!

Jane Wisialowski, Old Saybrook

I will listen with open with open ears when I get advice from my neighbor who loves to share her experiences.

Tom Hamilton, Hamden

I can stop ageism by educating others about negative comments every time I hear it!

Melissa Davis-Hussain, Newington, CT

I will be increasingly aware that my conversations about a patient's care needs to include them and not talk exclusively to the family. Just because people are older doesn't mean they can't tell how they want to be cared for.

Dawnmarie Hunter, Seymour

I will advocate that older people receive the dignity and respect that they deserve!

Joanne Montgomery, West Haven

I will continue to nurture and promote all the wonderful ways older adults contribute to our communities. Despite functional or cognitive limitations they are still artists, educators, laborers, musicians and so much more!

Stephanie Evans-Ariker, Branford

I will be more conscience of the words I use when speaking to my residents.

Heather Turton, Tolland CT

I like to promote it by inviting school children to join seniors for inter-generational visits and encourage them to be involved with each other.

Mary Lee Raro, Woodbridge, Seymour

A friend came to my house and told my 75 year old mother that she was just "so cute." My mother snapped back, "I am NOT cute." I will always treat seniors with the utmost respect they deserve and teach my children to do the same.

Susan Cheistiano, North Branford

I have always taken the opportunity to stop and speak to our elder population in order to share and hear their valuable life stories. I will continue to do this in order to foster Love and Respect for each other!!!

BillieJo Frazier, Wallingford Ct

I've grown up around seniors. And I couldn't think of a better field to work in or a more wonderful group of people to work with and for!

Margaret Cook, Naugatuck

Treat all my residents with dignity and respect encouraging them to remain independent

Laurie mcmorrow, Storrs

I will create conversation and take the opportunity to make people aware of how their words impact others when I witness ageism.

Courtney Sahler, Stratford, CT

I am not sure but I'd love to get more educated. I am willing to share information using my social media.

Abigail Alvarez, Stratford

I will continue to advocate for independence and the right to self determination for our elders.

Katie Tyger, Guilford

I pledge through my work at Mary Wade and in my personal life to assist aging adults live their best life in an environment of their choosing.

Tracy Gilbert, New Haven

I'll remember to ask older people how they like to be important to recognize everyone as an individual with a preferred name .

Anastasia, Waterbury ct

I will treat all our senior clients with respect and make them feel well cared for and loved.

Diane, North Branford

I was raised to believe that you must respect your elders. I work to fight ageism by addressing it head on when witnessed and then educating others about it. By spreading awareness and education, we can work together to make a change for the better.

Stephanie, New Haven, CT

I am enjoying today's Conference on
"Elderly Abuse" !

Mia Lopez, Shelton,CT

I will learn more about ageism so that I will not be part of the problem.

Vickey Terrell, Middletown

I conduct community home visits and I come across a lot of seniors that have limited income. Often times, these seniors rely on family and friends to get them to medical appointments, grocery stores and leisurely activities which makes them feel that there are a nuisance to families. I would like to see free transportation services for these individuals. I utilize greater Bridgeport transit. However. This is a financial hardship. I look forward to advocating and lobbying for the seniors.

Cristine Connor, Bridgeport

I will continue to hire from the older population because their work ethic is stronger and more reliable then upcoming newer generations and they tend to know the true meaning of "caregiving"

Justin, Bristol

I can stop ageism by bringing awareness to this issue and live my life as an example to stop this travesty. I must educate myself to effectively advocate on behalf of older adults that I become part of the solution and not the problem.

Jeremy H. Reid, Danbury

I will continue to work to develop programs and policies that recognize and celebrate the unique experience and wisdom that older adults offer later in life.

Cynthia Rangoon Grant, West Hartford

Use respect when speaking to seniors "thank you sir for opening the door for me." Not "I got that honey!" Please keep in mind we are all aging!

Kim Vertrees, Waterbury

As a Geriatric Social Worker I am always mindful when completing my assessments with clients to never assume they are retired. Empower and support elder workers, they are valuable resources. My mom is 85 and works full time.

Kim Wills-Rinaldi, Naugatuck

I would like to see a world where our seniors are seen as a very valuable part of society. True some cultures do adhere to this value but not all. I will do this by example at work and home and to work to make the legislatures aware of ageism.

Paula Vaicekauskas, Windsor, CT

I feel it is important to use a person centered approach in dealing with everyone regardless of age-

I believe in life we don't get old we become more seasoned!

Cynthia Scott, New Haven

I will provide literature at my workplace about ageism.

Czaja , Higganum

After learning more about this today I will ensure I bring this campaign back to my family and to the work place. This is a very important campaign that's needs to be shared and reinforced more often. I will focus on educating people and creating awarness of this topic everyday.

Stacy Peracchio , Middletown


Marsha Ziebell, New Haven

My grandmother was always the coolest person. She lived to 96 years young and was an inspiration to all who took the time to know her. I would rather hang out with Gram than anyone else, even as a teenager. My friends all loved her and would want to join us when Gram and I got together. She taught me that EVERYONE AT EVERY AGE has value and should be celebrated!

Kathy Maturo , Orange

I began working with the older adults because it is a "growing population". I stay because I love the people I meet and the lives we can touch though out work at the AOASCC. I pledge to be a voice against Ageism and an advocate in my life and work.

Rebecca Moriarty, Branford

It upsets me to hear someone say their friend or relative "died of old age". Old age is not a disease! If we are to honor and respect our elders, we cannot think of it as such.

Jo Ann Begley, Hamden, CT

I will always treat older adults the way I would like to be treated as a young adult with goals and dreams.Most importantly, I will always advocate for older adults to live in a way that promotes their independence and respects their choices.

Olivia Trovarelli , Trumbull

I handed out buttons to hundreds of people at the Fearless Caregiver conference and they're all willing to stand up and be counted as people who want to STOP AGESISM NOW!

Bev Kidder, New HAven

What enrages me is the disrespectful and condescending manner in which the older population is portrayed by the media. Write/e-mail these advertisers and tell them why you'll be boycotting their products. Then do it!

Carol Grasso, East Haven, CT

While the time may come when you have to help your parents perform the most intimate physical tasks, and even help them make decisions, they will never be your children. To treat them as if they are is to dishonor and disrespect your aging parents.  As long as they are cognitively able to make decisions, frail seniors have the right to make their own choices. Even if you disagree with them.  That’s what respect is all about.

Jennifer Nykyforchyn, Monroe, CT