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SMP News - Tips for Preventing Check Fraud

No service or feature can entirely eliminate check fraud.  However, measures can be taken to greatly reduce the risk of check tampering or duplication.  Following are suggestions for preventing check fraud. 

  • Avoid leaving large blank spaces in the convenience dollar amount or legal dollar amount lines on the checks you write. Additionally, avoid large blank spaces on the “Pay to the Order of” line.
  • Immediately report to your bank if checks payable to you are stolen.
  • Protect your account records and any documents containing personal identification information.
  • Close unnecessary accounts and destroy any checks for closed accounts.
  • Inform your bank about the status of your accounts.
  • Store your unused checks in a secure area.
  • Security features contained in this laser check stock deter counterfeiters and forgers.

Article credited *Federal Reserve Board of Governors Reg. CC

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