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Take the pledge – make a commitment to stand up to ageism.

  • I will recognize the diversity of older adults.
  • I will appreciate the positive impact older adults continue to make.
  • I refuse to mistreat anyone based on their age.
  • I will advocate for stopping ageism in my community.

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Don’t forget to share your story!   Can you tell us how you have experienced ageism or are challenging ageism in your everyday life?

Name / Organization City State
Dal UgrinMilfordCt
Mike BlackBerlinCR
Lynn Barker Steinmayer / Goshen Public LibraryGoshenCT
Yesenia O /Keep Me HomeBerlin CT
Maureen FioreNorth HavenCT
Susanne M. TuriHamden, CT
Companions Forever NewingtonCT
Jackie Downing/The Community Foundation for Greater New HavenNew HavenCT
Ted Surh / Agency on Aging of South Central CTNew HavenCT
Keep Me HomeBerlinCT
David Black / KeepMEHome LLCBerlinCT
Sarah/ KeepMeHome LLC.BerlinCT
Christine Turcio/Keep Me HomeNorth HavenCt
Katelyn Reynolds/ KeepMeHomeBridgeportCT
Elizabeth Salo KeepMEHOMEWilton CT
Barry ShulerCromwellCt
Noemie Dos SantosBridgeportCt
Donna Fedus/Borrow My GlassesMadisonCT
Tracy crutchfieldMilford Ct
Bonnie TangrediShelton C
Betsy Nuzzo/ KMHMiddletownCT
Lori Roberson/KeepMeHomeBerlinCt
Lisa Schwall/Keep Me HomeMeriden CT
Frank Cozean / KeepmehomeBerlinCT
Laurie Gilligan/Keep Me HomeBerlinCT
LEWIS BowerBerlinCT
Joan Hogan HarderHamdenCT
Anne ArnsteinWallingfordCT
Patricia ChristianWest HavenCT
Debra BettleyHamdenCt
Marcie Carlson LCSWMilfordCT
Felicia UrbanskiNorth HavenCT
Shelley WardNew HavenCT
Kettly Laverne Seymour Ct
Southern Central CT Agency on AgingNew HavenCT
Goshen Public LibraryGoshenCT
Lorrie WrightWoodbridgeCT
Rose McHughFarmington Ct
Orchard House Medical Adult Day Center BranfordCT
Debby Horowitz, Western CT Area Agency on AgingWaterburyCT
Beth Corrado/Senior LinkWethersfieldCT
Dawn SardiBethanyCT
Bonnie Wilkes / Municipal Agent, SeymourSeymourCT
Diane J BarillaroWallingfordCT
Mary Lou RavisNew HavenCT
Jo Ann Buccetti North HavenCT
Janet PerezNew HavenCT