Agency on Aging

Meet Agnes

On May 3rd, AOASCC hosted the annual Centenarian Luncheon. Agnes Lowe at 109 was  our oldest centenarian in attendance (pictured here with President & CEO Ted Surh).  
When asked about her greatest accomplishment, Agnes responded, “I’ll tell you in 20 years.”
Agnes enjoyed  growing up in Collinsville, CT and loves being with friends and family.  Food is also on her list of favorite things: chocolate and breakfast at 6:00 a.m., consisting of tea & toast and oatmeal with blueberries.
Agnes is a 66 year cancer survivor and has been active all her life.  She travelled and organized bus trips for seniors.  After retirement, she took up line dancing.  She is thankful that she can still walk up and down stairs.
Agnes is “happy to have reached with age with the health I have.”  She attributes her longevity to a positive attitude - and limiting herself to one chocolate a day!