Agency on Aging

New Program at AOASCC


The Chaperone Support Program.

Do you know that tens of millions of Americans are in critical need of non-emergency medical assistance to remain living in their homes? Many also need companionship to avert the devastating effects of isolation.

The Agency on Aging is launching a new program, thanks to funding from the Community Care Corps, to use local volunteers to assist family caregivers, older adults, and persons with disabilities with non-emergency medical care to help those receiving care maintain their independence.

This grant provides us with an opportunity to offer companionship to those who need or desire someone to accompany them to a medical treatment, therapy, and same day procedure appointments, etc. while using the transportation preference of the client. Interfaith Volunteer Caregivers is part of this project as their service is free and we can actually monitor the success more efficiently. Chaperone Volunteers will offer support to referred individuals pre, during and post of their appointment.

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