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Volunteers Needed: Chaperone Support


About the Program: Trusted Ride Certified Chaperones

Transportation to medical appointments is a crucial need for older adults and individuals with disabilities. While there are options, barriers, such as cost, smartphone apps, and even getting into a stranger’s car, can all prove overwhelming.  The mission of the Trusted Ride Certified Chaperone Support program is to help individuals maintain their health and well-being by providing support that currently does not exist with the typical transportation and/or medical facility protocols.  More about TRC

How You Can Make a Difference

Chaperones provide reminder phone calls, go to the home of the individual, ride with the individual to their appointment (chaperones do not drive – transportation is provided through another service), stay in the waiting room, and then ride home with the individual, making sure they are settled back in their home.

Encouraging, supporting and physically being there for someone who needs that extra help when travelling to and from a medical appointment will make all the difference in helping them keep their medical, dental, vision, therapy and/or outpatient procedure appointments.

What is required?

All volunteers must register, successfully complete a background check, and receive training. A 3-4 hour commitment on a weekly basis is requested and all necessary PPE for both self and client will be provided, as necessary.

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