Agency on Aging

Living Their Fullest

May is Older Americans Month and despite any misconceptions you may have about older americans, they are living their fullest life here within our volunteer programs.

The Foster Grandparent Program is an important initiative that involves the participation of senior volunteers in assisting teachers in classrooms. These volunteers also provide support to students who may experience behavior issues. At Troup School, the site supervisor, Mrs. Green, plays a pivotal role in keeping the volunteers engaged and motivated. Recently, the school hosted Animal Day and Mrs. Green encouraged the Foster Grandparents to showcase their bravery by interacting with the visitors and showing the students the importance of overcoming their fears.

The Senior Companion Program: The Atwater Senior Center is a place where the joy of volunteerism and teamwork is thriving. The Senior Companion volunteers work together every day to ensure that they provide the best support service to their clients. If a volunteer is unable to participate in certain activities with their client, the rest of the team comes together to strategize and fill in for that member. They are passionate about serving their clients and building connections with fellow volunteers. In this picture, you can see the details of how they sit, pose, and organize themselves as a team. The dynamics at the Atwater Senior Center with the volunteers are truly one of a kind.


The AOASCC RSVP Program: The RSVP Program is a highly versatile program that offers a wide range of opportunities for volunteers. However, the program's most valuable connections are often made through its Friendly Visitor Program. Katherine, a volunteer with the program, found her perfect match in Vinnie, a woman who was looking for someone to talk to. After a fall, Vinnie moved to a home, and Katherine now visits her weekly. In fact, Vinnie considers Katherine to be her niece. The success of this program can be seen in the photo of Katherine and Vinnie, which truly captures the joy of their friendship.