Agency on Aging

What is a Foster Grandparent?

Many people often ask, "What is the role of a Foster Grandparent?" When we explain that it involves volunteering to support children in daycare and school settings, they are often surprised. Many assume it means that a volunteer is fostering a child in their own home. We are quick to clarify that it is not in their home but in their heart.

Since 1965, the AmeriCorps Seniors Foster Grandparent Program has provided one-on-one mentoring, nurturing, and support to children with exceptional needs, or those who are in circumstances that limit their academic, social, or emotional development. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers in FGP can serve from 5 to 40 hours a week and receive hourly stipends. Volunteers must be aged 55 or older and meet established income eligibility guidelines.

We are proud to introduce you to Teresa. She has been a part of the FGP program and supported children at the Catholic Charities - Centro San Jose Child Development Center for more than 20 years. She has a deep love and passion for children, which is evident every day. Teresa feels a strong sense of belonging at the Center. She eagerly participates in circle times every morning, bringing her positive attitude to the classroom and spreading joy among the staff. We are all grateful to have Ms. Teresa with us as our very own Grandmother.

For more information about the Foster Grandparent Program please contact Judy Neron at or 203-752-3059 X 2908